Signature Pizzas

Mala Crunch $22

Your favourite Mala hotpot, in a new twist

The Full English Breakfast $20

Tasty bacon, English sausages,
sun ripe tomatoes and eggs,
with a touch of parsley

Laksa Delight $22

Calamari and juicy prawns in a
creamy coconut laksa base


Chilli Crab Craze $28

Real Crab meat, with chilli crab
sauce, topped with spring onions
and fresh chilli

Char Siew Heaven $20

A generous splash of honey char
siew, with fresh cucumbers and
spring onions

Imperial Roast Pork $20

Savoury roast pork belly, melted
into a mix of cheddar and
mozzarella, topped with fresh
spring onions and parsley

Salmon Paradise $22

Wood smoked salmon,
melted into mozzarella and
topped with english herbs,
served with a slice of lemon

Unagi Samurai $24

Grilled Unagi, in mozzarella,
topped with creamy mayo and
seaweed flakes

 Crispy Otah $22

Chunky otah melted into
cheddar, and topped with crispy
ikan bilis

Salted Egg Craze $20

A blend of real salted egg,

melted into cheddar and mozerella, 

topped with crispy fish skin


Jack Daniels Pork Ribs $25

Honey Pork Ribs infused with jack
daniels. A delightful taste of
heaven, individually sliced up for

Mentaiko Fish  & Chips $18

Japanese-style dory fish, freshly battered,

drizzled in a mix of mentaiko and ebiko sauce,

topped with seaweed flakes

Flame-grilled Beef Cubes with Red Wine Sauce $22

Taiwanese-style inspired flame grilled beef cubes,

with a new twist, served with red wine sauce

Sides & Bar Bites

Soccer Fries Roulette $22

A spectacular mix of onion rings, sweet
potato fries, wedges, criss cut fries and
french fries. Served with 8 homemade
dipping sauce.

Fishermen's Basket $24

Irresistible battered squid rings,
butterfly prawns and fish fingers ,
served with a slice of lemon, and
your selection of 2 dipping sauce

Chicken In A Basket $16

Golden chicken breast strips with your
selection of 2 dipping sauce

Hua-Tiao Infused Drumlets $17

A heavenly mix of huadiao marinate,

carefully infused into bite-sized drumlets.

Finger lickin good.

Spam Fries $ 15

Savoury and crunchy, fries with a new asian twist. Served with your selection of house-made sauces (chilli crab, mentaiko, wasabi, salted egg, and more)

Mentaiko Fries $13

Fries drizzled in a generous serving of 

house made mentaiko sauce

Truffle Mayo Fries $13

Fries drizzled in a generous serving of

truffle infused mayo

Deep Fried Potato Wedges $10

Golden potato wedges, fried 

to perfection

Deep Fried Criss Cut Fries $10

Golden Criss Cut Fries,

lightly salted and fried to



Cake of the day $7

Seasonal rotation

Cocktails ( Glass / Jug )

Orchard Ripple $18/$54

Yuzu Buzu $18/$54

Strawberry OJ Crush $18/$54

Chivas Highball Peach $18/$54

Chivas Highball Bandung $17/$51

Chivas Highball Elderflower $17/$51

Chivas Highball Strawberry $17/51

Chivas Highball Original $17/$51

Monkey 47 Sloe Gin $16/$48

Long Island Tea $20/$60

Pink Gin $20/$60

Screaming Orgasm $20/$60

Mojito $18/$54

Draft Beer ( Half Pint / Jug / Tower )

Carlsberg Pilsner Draft $8/$50/$88

Asahi Super Dry Draft $9/$55/$90

1664 Kronenburg BLANC $9/$58/$92

1664 Kronenburg BLANC Blueberry $10/$60/$95

1664 Kronenburg BLANC Raspberry $10/$60/$95

1664 Kronenburg BLANC Yuzu $10/$60/$95

1664 Kronenburg BLANC Melon $10/$60/$95

1664 Kronenburg BLANC Strawberry $10/$60/$95

Soft Drinks & Fruit Juices

Apple Juice $6

Orange Juice $6

Lime Juice $6

Pepsi $5

Blueberry Soda $6

Strawberry Soda $6

Raspberry Soda $6

Bottled Beers ( Bottle / Bucket of 5 )

Erdinger Dunkel Pint $18/$50

Erdinger Weissbrau Pint $18/$50

Corona Extra $13/$40

Asahi Dry Black $13/$45

Somerby Apple Cider $14/$48

Calsberg Smooth Pint $13/$40


Wine ( Glass / Bottle )

Tempus Two White Wine-Pinot Gris $14/$52

Tempus Two Red Wine-Cabernet Suavignon $14/$52

Liquor Bottles

(*not included in free flow of food & drinks, 

15% discount on liquor bottles with 6 or 10 pax package)


Martell Cordon Bleu $458

Absolut Vodka $138

Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey $138

Jack Daniel's Kentucky Bourbon Bottle $178

Beefeater London Dry Gin $138

Baileys Irish Cream $128

Martell VSOP $188

Chivas Regal Mizunara Blended Whisky $178

Chivas Regal Blended Whisky 18 Years $ 188

Chivas Regal Blended Whisky 12 Years $ 168

Kahlua $138

Malibu $138

Olmeca Altos $148

TGL Founders Reserve $148

Havana Club Rum $148

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